A Rant

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Nearly everyone can sustain empathy for up to ninety seconds… some of us up to two minutes before we drop grandma’s feeble head onto her hospital pillow, point to your sister and go find a television set somewhere. A smaller group of us can sustain empathy for days or weeks at a time. Mr. Rogers had a genetic abnormality that made him empathic his entire life. His life must’ve been pure hell. When you walk a mile in another man’s shoes, the best you can hope for is athlete’s foot. You cannot understand what anyone else has gone through. Personally, I’ve had it easy. I’ve just had to stay alive and time moved forward on its own… I didn’t even have to paddle. And, if you look behind you, all that crap and devastation? That’s your life. And, the lives around me pulled my life forward despite the fact that I’d have been happier staying in the womb. But, we move forward until we aren’t anymore and someone tallies up our score and the top thirty percent get to move on to the next round. Ultimately, someone’s going to get to be the great compassionate Buddha and it ISN’T going to be those other losers. I’m humbler than anyone in the history of piousness. I feel a deep deep compassion for everyone and everything that is alive. I really really REALLY do…

Okay, that’s enough… anyone know where I can find a television set?

12 thoughts on “A Rant

  1. My empathy is my pain. And as my narcissistic partner taught me over many torturous years, no one cares what I feel. Boy, was she programmed to make me suffer! (And, yes, drain my finances as well…)

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