Why You Should Have a Home Birth

If you give birth at home, you’ll be able to sign for any packages that might arrive. ♣ With a home birth, the mother can go through the natal experience in a familiar and comforting space which she will forever associate with the worst pain she’s ever endured. ♣ With a home birth, all those […]

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Baby Did a Bad Bad Pun

“I hired you to count my canned goods but I find you stealing soup” “That’s absurd! I’m just taking stock” ♫ “I need you to arrange these numbers by size” “I’ll do nothing of the sort!” ♫ “You missed the mandatory meeting. Arthur threw up. It was hilarious!” “I don’t see anything hilarious about that” […]

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Revenge of the Mistaken Dragon

We had a sweet life when we first moved to Virginia; but, one day my parents didn’t come home. Vowing revenge on whoever did it, I left for Japan that very evening and, when I got there, I found the greatest martial arts teacher there. It took six months to persuade him to take me […]

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The Letter ‘B’: Science

Bismuth: Until 2003, scientists considered bismuth the element with the highest atomic number to be stable; but, they’ve since determined that it is actually radioactive. Slightly… with a half-life of over ten trillion years; so, unless you plan to expose yourself to it until entropy reverses itself and most stars have flickered and gone out, […]

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