April Fools’ Pranks: Next Level

April Fools' Day: Origins, Meaning & Hoaxes - HISTORY

Take all the backyard lawn furniture and put it on the front-yard lawn so he thinks he walked out the wrong door.

Set his clocks ahead two hours so he wakes up really early needlessly. Set his calendars back twenty years so he thinks he’s eleven.

Replace her dog with an exact duplicate except the replacement dog has been trained to attack when its owner asks, “Who’s a good dog?”.

Mix a few No-Doz pills in with someone’s Ambian…

Tell your kids that you are taking them to Disney World but instead drop them off in war-torn Somalia.

Ask your mark if he’s been “Christened”… if they say, “No”, break a champagne bottle over his head.

If there’s a marathon on April first, set up a table about two-thirds of the way; and, when the runners start arriving, hand them a paper cup of water, tell them they are going the wrong way and send them back.

If you are going to play cards, write the following on one of the deuces: “MAKE AN EXCUSE TO LEAVE THEN CALL THE POLICE AND TELL THEM TO SEND A SWAT TEAM”

Fill your spouse’s car with backyard lawn furniture so she thinks she’s still in the front-yard.

Replace your grandmother’s Metamucil with freeze-dried sea monkeys…

16 thoughts on “April Fools’ Pranks: Next Level

    1. I shared an office with a Chinese woman. When she found I was going to try to have another child, she brought in a dried sea horse… a BIG one…. because it “ensured a male child”. I was supposed to make a soup out of it.

      I did not.

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