Warning Signs of Fraud

The Flim-Flam Man (1967) - Turner Classic Movies

Introduces self as “Prince of Nigeria” despite the fact that he’s white and female.

In the prospectus, there is a sizable stream of income from the “Bilk the Suckers” division.

If they first contact you through an email and the salutation isn’t “Dear [your name]” but, “Dear Whoever I Just Emailed”.

You get a call from the IRS wanting you to wire them money in lieu of arrest and the caller sounds less like Elliot Ness and more like Gunga Din…

You are told that, if you pay a little money, you will make a lot of money. I paid a hundred dollars a year ago and I’m STILL waiting for that check for “all the money in the world”…

An email sends you a link and tells you to log into your bank account immediately despite the fact that it isn’t your bank and you are eleven.

The address of the company that contacted you is a three-card monte table in the Bronx.

Remember: State courts hardly ever ask for outstanding fines to be paid with iTunes gift cards. Okay… maybe Florida…

Needs your credit card number and expiration date for identification because the caller is “not good with faces”.

An unsolicited phone call has a forty percent chance of being a scam… UNLESS the caller swears that it is not a scam. In that case, there is a ninety percent chance it is a scam.

21 thoughts on “Warning Signs of Fraud

    1. I don’t even answer my phone, anymore, unless I see the name. What’s worse, when I’m looking for a job, I HAVE to answer. That’s when the scammers get a hold of me. The best way to handle it? “Can I call you back?”…

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  1. So many scams, so little time. They have yet to fool me, but when the day comes it will more than likely include unlimited wombats. You know, something worth emptying my bank account.

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  2. If my caller ID says SPAM RISK, I pick up the phone and ask “Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?” If the caller says “No, I’m a REPUBLICAN”, I immediately give him or her all my credit card and bank account info because I know the caller is an honest person.

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  3. I’ve been scammed myself! Now, I don’t answer phones, don’t click on links in emails OR TEXT messages. It’s out of hand! But like you said, if you’re looking for a job…you’re forced to answer because everything is now Quantum Entangled with our email address and phone number! You cannot just shut them off or get rid of them! (Unless I want to live like Thoreau which I kinda do!)

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