Baby Did a Bad Bad Pun

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I hired you to count my canned goods but I find you stealing soup”

That’s absurd! I’m just taking stock”

I need you to arrange these numbers by size”

I’ll do nothing of the sort!”

You missed the mandatory meeting. Arthur threw up. It was hilarious!”

I don’t see anything hilarious about that”

Well, you had to be there”

I can’t have you on my front porch singing nonsense jazz lyrics. So, scat!”

If you don’t pay me more, I’ll stand here and do nothing all day”

I don’t respond to idle threats”

As you can see, I’ve iced down the transfusion, essentially freezing him to death from the inside”

You can’t do that. It’s cold-blooded murder!”

Look! A bunch of twenty-five cent coins on this desk”

You can’t be in here. These are officers’ quarters!”

If nothing is done, we’ll have no rights left”

That’s ridiculous! How can a right be left?”

When they told me that I had to do the play all over again from the beginning, I didn’t know how to react”

This liquor is way too strong to be served here”

Really? Do you have proof?”

15 thoughts on “Baby Did a Bad Bad Pun

  1. It’s going to be so nice out this week I figured I would start working on my gardens. Then I realized I can’t plant any flowers because I haven’t botany.
    I love a bad pun! 🙂

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