Other Things I’m Afraid of

I’ve managed to sustain my fears of failure for decades which I think is quite an achievement… I fear the unknown. Why? I don’t know and that MAKES IT WORSE. I don’t fear heights; but, I do fear breadths… mostly trying to pronounce “breadths”. I fear dying alone because then only one person’s day would […]

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Fears, Anxieties and Dreads

  I worry that people will see my laugh-lines and assume that I’ve had it too easy all my life. When I go to a urinal and someone else walks up at the same time but finishes WAY before I do, I worry that I might be peeing wrong. I’ve got a gnawing anxiety that […]

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Let Me Allay Your Fears…

You shouldn’t worry about dying young because, frankly, you AREN’T that young anymore. You are NOT being followed. They know your schedule so well, they are already waiting for you at your destination. You think that your frustrating day at work is a symptom of failing memory due to age; but, nothing could be further […]

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