A Wee Little Fish

I didn’t have anything ready for today, so here’s one I did many years ago before I had a website. If you have a beef about it, it’s with old Charlie, not the new Charlie, who is ironically, the older Charlie… The Sapid Deception of the Tiger Oscar

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Why I Don’t Fish: Two Ways

Today’s going to be a little different. I’m going to give you a peek of what’s going on inside my brain. Hopefully, you won’t flee my home and leave your purse behind as it has been with others that I have shown my inmost thoughts. The first part is the normal list… as I’ve said, […]

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Fish Think

I got the idea from River’s World.  Yeah, it’s a little weak but I thought, “what do I care?  My readers deserve nothing from me”  But, I was immediately sorry when my readers left the room in tears.  I was confused:  Do I follow?  When I follow THAT never helps things… but when I DON’T […]

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Other Uses for a Shock Collar

If you have a pressing need for an electric eel, you can make one yourself with a lungfish and a shock collar. Shock collars are great for charging your phone all at once. You can use shock collars to execute hamsters who’ve committed capital crimes. Use one to give your child a mild shock every […]

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How to Avoid Shark Attacks

If you are in the water, steer clear of fishermen. If you are not in the water, steer clear of fishermen, anyway. If fish or turtles behave erratically, get out of the water. What is erratic behavior for a turtle? I’d imagine it would be running really really fast or trying to buy liquor without […]

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