How to relax

First, know what relaxes you. This is a message from the Massachusetts Institute for the Bleeding Obvious. ♠ Remember: You can develop a dependency on tranquilizers, so if you start using them, be sure you have a hefty supply to feed your inevitable addiction. ♠ Sometimes, relaxation is simply a matter of going to your […]

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Articles from Paranoiac Monthly

We Tell You Which Airlines are Spying on You as They Fly Overhead ♦ Twenty-four Indisputable Indicators that Your Family is Slowly Poisoning You ♦ Give the Voices in Your Head the Afternoon Off! ♦ How to See the Facial Expressions Your Boyfriend Makes When he Thinks You aren’t Looking ♦ Covid Vaccines: Which of […]

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My Mystery, Cha Eight

Partridge stretched, “I greatly fear we have missed our luncheon. Shall we find food and lodging for the night?” Kossov got up, “Do you think the murderer is anyone from the staff?” “I doubt it. None of them seem that clever. Plus, all the jury knives were stolen” “So, we’ll have to move on to […]

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