Dr. Seuss: Is He Hitler?

Is Dr. Seuss worse than Hitler? I didn’t think so, before, but I’ve been hearing things lately that have caused me to doubt myself. Obviously, he wasn’t blatant about it. He didn’t write To Think that I Signed a Petition to Keep You from Buying a Home on Mulberry Street or Mr. Braun’s a Jew, […]

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When is Black-face Okay?

  [Recently, photographs have come to light with the governor of Virginia in black face in his college year book from the eighties.  A lot of people are angry about this so… When is black-face okay?] When you go to a costume party in the eighties dressed as your favorite rapper and you also want […]

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In Praise of Racism

There has been a lot of talk about racism lately. A lot of people think that racists have become emboldened to the point where they literally attack anyone who crosses them or uses the word “embolden”. And, it does seem to be difficult to find a racist spokesperson that you DON’T want to punch in […]

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