When is Black-face Okay?


Image result for ted danson blackface
Ted Danson making a brilliant satirical point.  Not in photo:  The brilliant satirical point

[Recently, photographs have come to light with the governor of Virginia in black face in his college year book from the eighties.  A lot of people are angry about this so… When is black-face okay?]

When you go to a costume party in the eighties dressed as your favorite rapper and you also want to have some sort of political catastrophe bite you in the ass in thirty-five years.

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When you are a white reporter in the 1950s attempting to write an expose’ on what it was like to be black in America’s deep south. Spoiler alert: It sucked.

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When you’ve got no face at all and the only ones available are black ones.

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When you are Robert Downey Jr.

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After you’ve just put on some white-face, thought better of it and so are trying to cover it up.

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When you want to alienate a very large group of people all at once and there aren’t any children around for you to molest.

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When you are trying to make a satirical point and want to fail at it utterly.

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When you work in musical theater and it is 1910.

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You are producing Shakespeare’s Othello and every black actor is either dead or working on Medea’s Arbor Day.

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You have to get rid of a can of shoe polish right away and eating it my kill you.

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You want to get a photograph of a large group of people with their mouths agape and speechless…

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