How to Avoid Ruining Your Life by Making a Racist Rant in Public

Tech CEO in a racist rant against Asians charged with assault in ...

1. Don’t have a racist rant in public.

2. Try to avoid having any friends who might identify you to the press after the video hits Youtube. Fortunately, as a racist with no impulse control, you probably have few friends.

3. Pretend that you were misheard. Example: “I didn’t say Trump would kill all Asians… I said ‘all AVIANS’… I hate birds. A pox on them”

4. Before exploding in an American History X type tirade at the bakery, ask yourself, “Do people still carry cell phones?”

5. Don’t give the media the name of your “black friend” if you are the one who burned a cross on his front lawn.

6. Tell everyone that you were “stressed” that day because we all call Algerian men “Hadji” when we are stressed.

7. Telling a pair of strangers that they cannot speak Spanish to one another is not a good idea until you are officially made President of Everything.

8. Invent a racist identical twin. Apparently, you are the non-evil one.

9. As you eloquently explain your thoughts on “the races” just remember this helpful guideline: However persuasive you think you sound, multiply that times three and that is how disgusting you actually sound.

10. And, yes… your country IS being overrun by undesirables… but we still let you stay here… mostly because no other country will take you.

20 thoughts on “How to Avoid Ruining Your Life by Making a Racist Rant in Public

    1. The weird thing is, I got the idea yesterday looking at an article about some guy jeering another table at a restaurant while the family was having a birthday. I went to look up his name and yet another incident came up where a man called a young waitress some bigoted name referring to Arabs and the waitress was named “Hernandez”…

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  1. When you have a President
    who basically says the same things is it any wonder the deplorables are coming out of the closet? Occasionally they wear identifying tee shirts, which might be helpful to restaurant hostesses.

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    1. It was truly inspiring…

      I thought to myself about the recent idiot who said “Trump will kill you Asians”: What if the man had, instead, bought the table desserts or drinks for the birthday celebration. What ever happened to class?

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