In Praise of Racism

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There has been a lot of talk about racism lately. A lot of people think that racists have become emboldened to the point where they literally attack anyone who crosses them or uses the word “embolden”. And, it does seem to be difficult to find a racist spokesperson that you DON’T want to punch in the face; but, our president says that there are fine people on both sides of this issue; and, that’s good enough for me…

For one thing, if races are kept separate, drug stores will only need to stock one level of spf protection in their sunblock. Smaller inventory means less overhead which is good for all races and creeds. And, keeping the races pure may not produce smarter people but it has made some great banjo players… albeit, a little non-verbal. It has also been a boon to those blacks who want a cross burned on their front lawn. Frankly, with all of these pluses, I find it hard to imagine this being anything but a PR issue.

To start: Racists would be a lot more believable if, every once in a while, those who feel that there is a master race, would believe that the master race was different from their own race. And, we get a lot of contradictions. The racists who feel that people, who are of a different race or ethnicity, are stupid and ugly; and, they want to exterminate them because they don’t want their women falling madly in love with one of them and procreating. The Nazis had a disinformation campaign like that. If you’ll remember, they allied themselves with the Japanese, who also felt that they were the superior race. There is nothing less sincere than a pact between two different racist ethnic groups.

I think it’s a no-brainer that racism and fascism go hand in hand because, how better to live your life as a member of a super-intelligent master race than to blindly follow the whims of one guy?

Image result for kkkToday’s racists are different. They are worried. They are in danger of being a minority population and that scares them because of how well they treated minorities when  they were the majority. Also, they argue that whites are more successful because they are genetically superior to everyone else; however, THEY personally are unemployed because of Affirmative Action. They also like pointing out that La Raza is a non-white racist organization. La Raza is based on the theory that mixed races are superior. On the face of it, this cannot be called racism and, instead, should be referred to a “mixology”…

A lot of racists don’t believe in genocide and feel that other groups would be happier being slaves for their master race. They base this assumption on how happy slaves have been throughout history. With DNA testing available to everyone, a lot of prominent racists are finding out that they aren’t all white. If a white supremacist gets a DNA test and finds out he’s not pure blood, is he suddenly a lesser person or was he over-performing? When a racist gets a DNA test back with non-white results, and he doesn’t change his beliefs, doesn’t that PROVE that the non-white blood has made him stupid? It couldn’t be that he was stupid to start. All sorts of intelligent people try to build racially pure towns in parts of the country that no one wants to live in.

Now, some people might say that things are no different than they’ve ever been and there have always been racists and they’ve always been endorsed by the president of the United States and there have always been ogres living in the caves at Carlsbad Caverns. It’s hard to argue that without getting a tiki-torch thrust into your face. I’m just saying to my fellow Americans: Be careful… the non-white you keep from making a living might end up being your grandchild…

9 thoughts on “In Praise of Racism

  1. “Racists would be a lot more believable if, every once in a while, those who feel that there is a master race, would believe that the master race was different from their own race.”

    This – this is a very good point.

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      1. And topics like racism sometimes call for irony. I’m racking my brain to try and articulate why.

        I think it makes us all so uncomfortable that we can’t deal with it head-on – we have to come at it at an angle?

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