Advice Column Advice

To my readers and to those who just come here to see if I mentioned them at all:  I’m planning on writing another advice column featuring the biologically-enhanced super-intelligent dog, and I thought some of you might want to offer questions for her.  If so, put them into the comments below… Ask a Bio-engineered Super-intelligent […]

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Breeds of Dog I Hate!

Pug: At one point in dog history, someone said, “I’m tired of dogs that look and act like dogs. Let’s create a breed that looks and acts like a surprised indignant old woman. Oh, and wasn’t it a shame about King Charles…” Here’s a tip: If it cannot jump off the couch without breaking a […]

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Writing Tips!

Write every day. If a million monkeys with a million typewriters can eventually produce Hamlet, you should be able to write something that isn’t total crap because–are you dumber than a monkey? Write what you want to write about instead of what the market demands. This way, you can keep your integrity, which can be […]

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