Types of Women I am DONE with

Coke/Meth-head:  You’d think all of that extra energy would make for a GREAT relationship. Staying up forty-eight hours at a time would ensure that she’d have even MORE time to be focused on ME.  But, she wrecked my car and then she slept with my brother.  After that, she wrecked HIS car and slept with […]

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What’s Wrong with Redheads?

A redhead spends more on sun block than a coke addict spends on cocaine. A red-headed cocaine addict should be avoided at all costs. Redheads do not go gray… they don’t even age. They just live until they succumb to dermatitis or they suffocate under the weight of their own freckles… The ancient Greeks believed […]

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Remembrance of Things Random

If I had to pick my one biggest mistake in my life, I’d have to pick the time that I opened an allergy clinic right next door to a Africanized bee, shrimp, peanut and ragweed emporium. Older women who are attracted to younger men are called “cougars”.  Older men who are attracted to younger women […]

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