Remembrance of Things Random

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Kite Fighting:  The sport of kings… who don’t have access to any other sports

If I had to pick my one biggest mistake in my life, I’d have to pick the time that I opened an allergy clinic right next door to a Africanized bee, shrimp, peanut and ragweed emporium.

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Older women who are attracted to younger men are called “cougars”.  Older men who are attracted to younger women are called “all of them”.

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Every man has his breaking point.  Mine are my knees, elbows and wrists.

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If we embraced communism, couples would no longer fight about money. They would, however, fight over whether or not anarcho-communism is an insurrectionary anarchism or simply a brief but essential transitory phase. Either way, SOMEONE is sleeping on the couch, tonight…

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Despite all of their best efforts, veterinary scientists have yet to find an effective way to get a horse to gargle.

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Today’s kids have video games, movies on demand and snack-sized foods.  In my day, if we wanted to have fun, we’d run very fast down a grassy hill until we fell on our faces.

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As my friends and relatives die, I cannot decide if I’m blessed to be alive or bad luck for my friends and relatives.

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My brother and I bought fighting kites when I was a kid but we stored them in the same closet and they tore each other to pieces overnight.

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I wouldn’t trade my boys for all the money in the world; but, I’d at least like someone to make that offer.

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There are plenty of people alive today who like to yodel, which is ironic because so many of the rest of us really want them to die.

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If the Sun were the size of a basketball, the Earth would be the size of an apple seed; but, don’t worry… that isn’t likely to happen…

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21 thoughts on “Remembrance of Things Random

    1. THAT’S the one I thought of last night and forgot!

      “Marcel Proust is my favorite writer” are words seldom heard today outside of sanity hearings…

      Seemed funnier when I was half unconscious…

      Liked by 1 person

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