Your Astronomy Test

Note that this test will count for one-fifth of your grade. Your best test will count twice and your worst test grade will be dropped. If you can calculate your grade before I post it, you get an automatic ‘A’; unfortunately, that ‘A’ will be dropped and your worst grade will be counted twice, so […]

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Fun Facts about Mercury

If you weighed yourself on Earth and then went to Mercury, you’d weigh 38 percent of what you weighed on Earth, even less if you didn’t eat much on the trip. A day on Mercury lasts 176 Earth-days. This means when you go home on Friday night, you don’t have to go back to work […]

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Some Burning Facts about our Sun

Over one million Earths could fit inside the Sun; however, after the first Earth burned up, the other 999,999 Earths would probably avoid trying to do that. It takes eight minutes for light to travel from the Sun to the Earth, so none of the light we get is every really fresh. The temperature of […]

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Things I Hate that are Red

Roses: “Here ya go, sweetheart: Beautiful, well-scented blooms of deepest crimson lovingly mounted on thirty inches of what might as well be barbed wire” Red Sea: A very disappointing cruise. I really should’ve looked up what the sea looked like in the first place. I haven’t felt so cheated since my trip to Red River […]

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Things I Hate that are Yellow

Banana: The banana looks like no other fruit. And, when something looks nothing like anything else that it is, it probably isn’t that (if you read that sentence backwards it actually makes MORE sense). My theory is that those black dots that go the length of the banana are a spine. It bruises when you […]

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