Thoughts on Canadian Foods

Poutine: French fries, cheese curds, gravy… kind of like that random list of words that Donald Trump had to memorize to prove he didn’t have dementia. Ever been to a McDonalds, bought some fries and thought to yourself, “this would be a lot better with some cottage cheese on it” Tourtiere: In most countries, when […]

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Solutions to America’s Debt

A one dollar surtax on every time a Texan uses the phrase, “That’s what SHE said” unless they are using it to convey what a female human or parrot actually said. Sell our tanks and missiles to smaller countries who are already at war on the condition that we get to film it and turn […]

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This Day in History: October 13th

Rock vocalist Sammy Hagar was born on this day in 1947, despite neighbors’ complaints about the noise.  As front man for the group Van Halen, Hagar was often compared to the group’s former vocalist, David Lee Roth…usually by height.  Hagar was less flamboyant than Roth; moreover, his sense of self-worth was contained to the point […]

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Why I’m Glad

I’m glad that Cyndi Lauper is still out there protecting us from psoriasis. I’m glad that I can spend time with my sons despite their restraining orders. I’m glad I’ve got my health. I just wish it wasn’t poor health. I’m glad that Willy Nelson is still out there protecting us from Cyndi Lauper. I’m […]

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