My Mystery, Cha Five

Partridge took the bearded Russian to his arms and embraced him. “Finally, a familiar face!” Kossov Dith put a finger to his lips as the staff filed out. “It is GOOD to see you, my friend”, Kossov whispered excitedly. He closed the library door. “How long has it been?” Goober Partridge thought for a moment, […]

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Are You an Attention Whore?

Do you drive your sports car with your top down even though it isn’t a convertible? Did you bring a pot-bellied pig to the last funeral you went to? Did you wear full body paint to your last comic book convention or family picnic? Have you faked three heart attacks in an afternoon or five […]

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Occupations that Make People Kill

House Painters: House painters, besides being drunks and part-time burglars, murder a LOT of people. Why? Because eggshell is just like cream which is just like snow which looks an awful lot like ivory which we checked and it matched the hat you like so I painted the WHOLE GODDAMNED HOUSE with it so you […]

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