Swell Quartet

Obsessive-compulsive Disorder is an effort to keep things exactly the way they are by repeating the same acts over and over. It’s completely logical. There is only one reality where everything is just the way you like it and an infinite number of realities where it isn’t. Sadly, OCD doesn’t help because of chaos theory […]

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It was Never Easy for Me

I had a rough childhood. My family had nothing and had to borrow to get even that. We lived at the dump for years. When people hear this, they always ask the same question: “If you lived at the dump, where did you throw your trash?”. Well, it was Florida, so we threw it beside […]

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New on Television, this Summer…

My Big Fat Heroin-addict Mom: It is, in fact, the reality show to end all reality shows… at least I hope that’s what it does. A woman with a heroin habit and a compulsive eating disorder tries to juggle two kids… probably because she’s so high that she thinks they are oranges. If successful, the […]

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