How Numbers Came to Be

[another excerpt from my book] Until recently, no one knew how the numbers came to be.  Archaeologists assumed that all numbers were discovered at the same time, but that begged the question, “where did they keep them?”. Numbers have been found in a cave in the Holy Land, along with two books of the Talmud […]

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For the Love of Algebra

Algebra is the sloppy Judas-kiss that is planted on the mouth of every middle-school math student. You’ve learned the numbers… all of them. You can add them, multiply them, subtract them and, on rare occasions, you can even do long division. So, what is the response of educators? “Feeling smug knowing all the numbers? Well, […]

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Ask a Genetically-Modified, Bio-Engineered Superintelligent Dog Pt7

Dear Genetically-modified Bio-Engineered Super-Intelligent Dog, What are your thoughts about the recent speculation that they may have found evidence of life on Mars? Cleland in New Zealand Dear Kiwi, That really depends on your definition of “life”. Some might say that people from Philadelphia are alive; but others, having met them, strongly disagree. Suffice to […]

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