Jetsons’ Horrors!

People assume that the Flintstones is set around twenty thousand years ago during the Stone Age; however, in actuality, the Flintstones are contemporaries of the Jetsons. They live on the surface after mankind over-mined, polluted and irradiated the Earth. To survive, those left behind had to learn to train birds to be record players… ☼╬☼ […]

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Still More Leftovers

I Published Cooking with Your Children but a lot of people were way off in what the book was about. ☺ Because lips are sensitive, even a mild blow can cause bruising or even death… if you meet up with some nut that gets enraged at the sight of bruised lips. ☺ My old girlfriend […]

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What Hath Rand Thoughts?

I dislike the term “shooting spree” because it makes it sound like more fun than it actually is. ☺ Reflecting on my life, my biggest regret is the decision I made to reflect on my life… ☺ Serving on a jury is like playing Candyland with your kids… you know that it’s your duty, but […]

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