I Was a Bitcoin for the FBI!

When I first heard about Bitcoin, I had to laugh… then, I had to stop because I was bothering the other parishioners; to be fair, decentralized crypto-currencies always make me laugh. I remember when I heard about Zcash, I laughed so hard, I broke a blood vessel in my inner ear. It was worth it, […]

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Valentines Advice (Part One): For Men

An intelligent, well-made and romantic movie is often just the thing no matter how excruciatingly awful the ordeal of sitting through it is… Why buy your beloved candy when you can make it? Nothing says, “I love you” better than a paper plate covered with oozing, crystallized chocolate abortions. And, don’t say that flowers are […]

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Random Thoughts, Part the Third

Turns out, The Vagina Monologues is NOT a ventriloquist act. ֎֎֎ They called it a “Wake” but by the end, I could barely keep my eyes open. ֎֎֎ You always sound smarter if you use the words “Crimean” or “Symbiotic”. ֎֎֎ If you named your son “Jeff”, you weren’t really trying very hard. ֎֎֎ There […]

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Tips for Cold and Flu Season

Sterilize your home and office with rubbing alcohol. Then sterilize the bottle you keep the rubbing alcohol in. Think of the entire world as one giant germ and yourself as the world’s largest petri dish… . Stay home. If you are like tens of millions of Americans, you earn zero hours of sick time for […]

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