Why I Want to be an Astronaut

I want to test my theory that, if I can see space from my backyard, then I can see my backyard from space. ☺ If I’m an astronaut, I think there’s a greater likelihood that they’ll take me as a contestant on Jeopardy. ☺ I want to see if I can beat a solar flare […]

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My Mystery, Cha Ten

Finger-less hands held a red pencil over the blueprint of Hamshock Manor. A harsh voice spoke into a digital recorder: The entry points will be here and here. Two teams will take out the guards and two more teams will take out the teams that take out the guards. Those teams will rendezvous here. Finger-less […]

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Other Stuff that I Want

A seeing-eye hot blonde. A set of fine china with images of half-eaten food painted on them. A mockingbird and an ultrasensitive cat Mood toilet paper A nice set of chef’s knives and a nice chef to go with them A lace and silk handkerchief because I’ve always wanted to start an illegal street race […]

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