New Year’s Resolutions

Exercise more – It’s little things that provide us with more muscle tone and aerobic exercise; for example, buy heavier snacks, listen to music with faster tempos… or, an easy one, try TYPING MORE IN UPPER CASE. ▼ Lose weight – We all gain weight over the holidays and folks like me don’t even wait […]

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Rough Moth Stand

I keep a crash test dummy in the front passenger seat… mostly so I can drive in the HOV lanes. I get to work a LOT faster and it doesn’t care how recklessly I drive. They say that celery has “negative calories”, meaning that you expend more calories chewing and digesting it than it adds […]

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Tips to Quit Smoking

  Assure yourself that you CAN quit, as you have done it so many times before. Quitting smoking can be stressful. There are many ways to alleviate this stress, but the most effective method is to start smoking again. Sometimes, quitting smoking is just a matter of changing habits. Do you smoke on your way […]

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