New, this Television Season!

Dr. Weasel M.D. (NBC) – A weasel bombarded by gamma rays becomes super-intelligent enough to get a medical degree; but, not smart enough to come up with a cure for being a weasel. Dr. Weasel sets up practice in a small town and has to deal with small town prejudice. Pilot Episode: Who ate Farmer […]

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Stuff I Remember from My Childhood

I remember Space Food Sticks: Vitamin-fortified earwax in the shape of a Slim Jim. Great for playing astronaut; but, pretending to be a weightless guy with a slide rule pushing buttons got old quick… and so did Space Food Sticks. And, for dress shoes, we walked around on platform shoes which were technically stilts. You […]

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Why I’m Mad

I get mad when someone puts the milk back in the fridge with only a few drops in it. If it turns out it was me, I still get mad but I keep it to myself… I get mad because youth is wasted on the young; but, anyone can get old age if they are […]

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