Facts about Rice

In India, the first solid food given to children is often rice; whereas, the last solid food given to someone is often poison. Two makes of car, Honda and Toyota, are named after rice. Kind of stupid, I know, but not as dumb as naming a car after a Papal decree, as in “Fiat”; or, […]

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Some Cruel Truths about Sadism

  A sadist is simply someone who gets sexually excited over the same thoughts that most of us have.  Sociologist have determined that, if you don’t meet four people you’d like to torture BEFORE you even get to work in the morning, you probably work from home. Sadists are important in the scheme of things:  […]

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Things that are Okay to Bury

Beatrix Kiddo. Something previously dead but now shambling about with a strange sense of purpose. A time capsule. For those who don’t know what that is, a time capsule is essentially a garbage can that doesn’t get emptied for a hundred years. It’s okay to bury your resentment generated by your family and friends just […]

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Weddings in the 21st Century

Anthony and Cleopatra: He arrives in a toga; she on a reed-boat with bare-chested Nubians as oarsmen. The entire wedding party sits in quiet awe as they reflect on what attention-whores the couple is. Redneck Wedding: The band starts playing a country version of the wedding march while the bride runs down the aisle and […]

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