What it Means to be a REAL Man

It means we will react violently if we feel insulted enough. Oddly enough, how insulted we feel is inversely proportional to how big and scary the guy insulting us is… It means that we will NEVER ask for directions, use a map or follow street signs. We navigate like our fathers did: By driving around […]

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Types of Women I am DONE with

Coke/Meth-head:  You’d think all of that extra energy would make for a GREAT relationship. Staying up forty-eight hours at a time would ensure that she’d have even MORE time to be focused on ME.  But, she wrecked my car and then she slept with my brother.  After that, she wrecked HIS car and slept with […]

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Bits of Pieces of Bits

My body hasn’t been the same since the first time my wife got pregnant…mostly due to that botched vasectomy I performed on myself to ensure it never ever happened again. Insanity runs in my family… mostly it runs from invisible tigers… No man is an island… it’s just that some men are very shore of […]

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