A Word or Two on Explosions

I saw that a five-year-old, in Modesto, California, was suspended for a few days for claiming to have a bomb in his backpack. Frankly, I don’t think that anyone was in any immediate danger because five-year-olds are hopeless when it comes to detonators; and, their explosives seldom go off regardless of the detonators because their explosives are most likely Play-doh. We, as a nation, are pretty terrified of things that explode; although, we do tend to embrace guns, which have their own smaller explosions… but those are PERSONAL EXPLOSIONS. We just don’t think people should be sharing their explosions with others.

But, our planet lives near a giant ball of hydrogen bombs called the “Sun” which explodes pretty much all the time… so often, the startle-factor is long over. In fact, when we get up in the morning, if we didn’t see a big mass of explosions on the eastern horizon, we’d be at least mildly concerned. If the Sun didn’t come up by nine-thirty, I’d imagine most of us would turn on the television and try to find out what’s up. That’s called, “being proactive”. The Sun is kind of like an abusive boyfriend that sends out deadly potent radiation but, at the same time, is a “good provider”…

We wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for explosions. Do you think the carbon, oxygen and heavy metals that make you up were just sitting there when the universe began? How naive are you??? More likely, these elements were created in the fiery furnace of a super nova. So, we had a big explosion to make the debris that made up the big ball of smaller explosions that sustain the lives of people made by elements from the first big explosion. And, the sad thing is, one day our Sun is going to stop exploding just long enough to start exploding in a very different way and engulf our planet entirely, burning it to a cinder. Those will definitely be our “salad days”…

But, THAT isn’t even the biggest explosion in our lives. Previous to our Sun, previous to the novae and even previous to the first time a Texan exclaimed, “that’s what she said”, there was the Big Bang… an explosion so massive that it was named after a popular situation comedy. And, IT’S STILL GOING ON!!! We are still being thrown away from the center of the largest explosion ever and at nearly the speed of light and we are going about our daily lives like bad-asses. Like those people in the movies who walk in slow motion with an explosion behind them and they don’t look back, except we are being thrown with the shrapnel and knitting a sweater while we are doing it. We, as a species, are FEARLESS…

…except when it comes to five-year-old children…

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