You Cannot Spell “Poetry” Without “Poetr”

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Cold War Creativity

During Stalinization
Soviets took credit for every creation

Every implementation
They said was their invention

Hamburgers and the works of Mark Twain
came directly from a soviet brain

Except for the ruben
which they claimed was Cuban…


No Turn Goes Unstoned

A stoner sat next to me and offered me a toke
I stonily refused and asked, “Is this some kind of joke?”

Unlike you”, I went on, “I get high on life
also clean living and my children and my wife”

He replied, “That is so WRONG
How do you even get them into your bong?”

8 thoughts on “You Cannot Spell “Poetry” Without “Poetr”

  1. Truly hilarious. That’s why to.stoners, they get details.wrong in a hilarious.way…and for whose.minds trend off the beaten path, their generously shared comments are endlesslly amusing, and vicariously relaxing.

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