Thank You!

I now have two hundred followers and I’m not a pretty teenage girl.  This, to me, is an achievement.  As a thank you, I’m publishing the first chapter to my parody of Robert Ludlum/Dan Brown books, The Moosehead Stratagem.

It has super-assassins, super agents and a beautiful female scientist.  It is, for want of a better word, formulaic.  Please, let me know what you think.



23 thoughts on “Thank You!

    1. I had OD’d on spy novels and I was starting to riff on them… so I figured that I’d write it down. Every Ludlum novel starts with a man with no name… just a number… working for an organization so secret that even the people who run it don’t know it exists… oops! See how easy it is?

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  1. Oh, I’ll never look at my shredder the same way…😂😂😂 thought I’d fall out of my chair laughing by the time I got to “Anyone who stated that they were powerful without making the quote signs with their fingers, would be found, questioned and shredded.” 😂 Sincerest congratulations on reaching 200 readers…😊😊😊

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    1. Thanks, Patti. There are four more parts to the first chapter. If they get to be a bit much, please let me know. Thank you for reading my stuff. It definitely means a lot to see people enjoying it…

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      1. It’s funny, Patti: I get my best ideas while reading philosophy or semiotics. I think my brain is trying to distract me from what I’m reading… Currently reading a book on the science of categories. It’s horribly dry, dull and a gold mine…

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      2. Your post about telling your kids about your past drug use has a lot of potential for a humor column… You’ve got me thinking, now…


    1. Actually, when it comes to dealing with quirks of wordpress, teenage girls have it over me by a mile. So do children and toddlers. I program computers but I have to ask my boys how to do stuff on my computer…

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