Ten More of the Seven Deadly Sins

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 Wearing a hat that says, “Free Mustache Rides”.

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Missing your aunt’s funeral to finish up your second time through Fallout 4.

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Crawling through your house on your hands and knees in the dark because you don’t feel like entertaining the friend at your door.

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Growing a mustache because of some hat you bought.

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Referring to the deaf mute in your office as the “deaf mute” and, when they confront you about it and hand you a note, you stick it into you pocket saying, “I’ll read this later, I promise”…

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Replacing your grandmother’s pain meds with IOUs.

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Punching your friend in the testicles, then calling it a “prank”.

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Starting a rumor that a woman in your office is a gossip.

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Getting furious when a little guy tells you to calm down and calming down when a bigger guy tells you to calm down.

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Coveting your neighbor’s wife and, after you land her, coveting her younger sister.

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4 thoughts on “Ten More of the Seven Deadly Sins

    1. Thanks, Robyn. It was originally going to be “Seven More Deadly Sins” but I found that there are a LOT of sins out there. If I left out the other three, that would be the sin of omission, which would bring it up to eleven. It’s complicated, but I wrote it all down on a 3×5 card…

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