Why Did My Dog Run Away?

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[Thanks to Deb Whittam for the idea. I invite my readers to riff on this on because I think I barely scratched the surface. As usual, if you post something especially witty, it will be cheerfully plagerized]

Why did my dog run away? Maybe because…

He was imaginary and the meds are FINALLY WORKING.

I accidentally fed him dog food made for older dogs and he got arthritis.

He is taking a sabbatical from being a dog and is a cockatoo in the West Indies until February.

All I could offer him was food, shelter and love. My neighbor offered him a chance to manage a four-star hotel in San Diego.

He thought I was patronizing him.

He wanted to live in a district with better obedience schools.

A Vietnamese restaurant opened next door and he doesn’t like Vietnamese food.

I started playing a fife.

He developed mental problems and couldn’t go to a psychoanalyst because he wasn’t allowed on the couch.

I stupidly let him watch Bound for Glory.

He felt that he was a coyote trapped in a terrier’s body.

I was petting him asking “Who’s a good dog? WHO’S a good dog?” but, before I could say, “You are!”, my brother called and I got sidetracked.

He felt that he and I had done all we could do with the game of Fetch.

18 thoughts on “Why Did My Dog Run Away?

      1. That wasn’t who I was referring to. I actually got the idea from posters put up at numerous campsites looking for a lost cat. They have almost erected shrines to it. Supposedly there has been recent sightings after 3 years. That cat just isn’t moving on.

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  1. I started laughing at the first one. Loved the patronizing one, and the obedience schools – but I think “He developed mental problems and couldn’t go to a psychoanalyst because he wasn’t allowed on the couch.” was my favorite.

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    1. Don’t tell anyone but the psychoanalyst one was stolen from a long dead stand up comic. If you steal from a dead guy, it’s call an “homage” and not plagiarism…

      Don’t you have one of your own to post?

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