A Poem About Dead Actors

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I was watching the Guns of Navarone,

(the movie’s still here but its actors are gone)


Don Adams, Dean Martin and Shirley Booth

Gone are the actors of my youth


I’ve even lost Anthony Quinn

(I loved him in whatever that thing was he was in)


So, I sit here bereft

because there are hardly any actors left.


We wouldn’t have such scarcities

if we didn’t make them die in threes…

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16 thoughts on “A Poem About Dead Actors

      1. It thought it might be good for a post???? Yes but I did win and that’s the third time so I must be a terrible poet 😯

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  1. Lovely poem. I also watched the movie on a flight out of Dubai a few weeks ago, its in their classic’s section. Part of the movie was filmed in Rhodes following which Anthony Quinn bought some land; there’s still a place there called “Anthony Quinn Bay.”


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    1. Oh… we both know I’m not a poet, Robyn. But, I appreciate the compliment. It was either write that poem of finish that epic novel about the minor lords who rose up against Charles Martel during the creation of the Holy Roman Empire. It is meant to be a sweeping tale so there will be plenty of brooms. Push brooms or angled? How about both!?

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