More Facts on Clowns

Not Clowning Around: How Clowns Went From Funny to Scary - ABC News

A clown performance is classified as “funny, just not very funny”.

Clown’s register their particular makeup… probably so that police can identify them more easily when a group of hikers gets chopped up.

Acrobatics and overstated mime are just two of the things about clowns that make them memorable as that circus act that was performing when you went for popcorn and soda…

The word “clown” comes from Icelandic klunni meaning “clumsy person”. One wonders why they had to go all the way to Iceland to find a word for clowns… they had to call them something in places that already HAD clowns. I can’t imagine any of them saying, “We need a word for this guy acting like an idiot for our entertainment. I know! Let’s get it from those people who eat rotten shark and live on an active volcano”

Some people think that the scariest clown was Penny-wise from Stephen King’s It; but, I disagree. I think the scariest clown is pretty much all of them.

President Nixon signed into law National Clown Week. If you think about it, he probably did it to draw attention away from his earlier National Flesh-Eating Beetle Week which went about as well as you’d expect.

Fear of clowns is called “Coulrophobia”, from the Latin for “common sense”…

The opera Pagliacci has a main character who is a clown. He isn’t what most modern people think of as a clown because he only ever ends up stabbing two people to death.

There is a Clown Code of Ethics, believe it or not; and, I checked: Nowhere in the document do they forbid chopping up hikers.

Clowns may look dangerously insane; but, without their makeup, they look no different than any other sexually twisted psychopath.

12 thoughts on “More Facts on Clowns

  1. We have a clown school in this city, well it’s actually called a “circus arts” school, but we all really know what that means. We’re just churning them out here so they can go out into the world and wreak havoc.

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  2. True story: As a college student, I once went to an audition for Ringling Bros. clown school when they came here to NYC. I had no idea what to expect, I just thought it would be fun. I met a guy who brought a duck with him. The duck was very smart and did all kinds of tricks. When I asked him how long it took the duck to learn those tricks, he told me two years. I told him that was very impressive. He said, “Yes, but the duck’s life span is only two and a half years, so I have to start over again after six months each time.” At that point I knew I had to get out of there…

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