Some Tertiary Facts about Three

three hands in the air counting one two three with fingers - Dalby,  Wendland & Co., P.C.

Three is a rough approximation of pi. This approximation was used by ancient engineers who didn’t mind the odd toppling.

Three is the first Fermat prime number, just in case you have a box of Fermat prime numbers and want to put them in order.

It is the smallest number of sides a polygon can have and still be a polygon… you have to have SOME standards.

Three is the maximum number of dimensions a human being can perceive. You might think you are perceiving more than that but when the drugs wear off you see that I’m right.

When you want to do something in unison, you count aloud to three so that everyone is ready; however, there is always that one guy who always asks, “So… we go on three? Or, is it one…two…three… Go?

The old expression goes, “Three’s a crowd” but when that expression was coined, homes were much much smaller.

There is a Latin phrase omne trium perfectum which translates to “everything that comes in threes is perfect”. Larry, Moe and Shemp were delighted…

There is no shame in coming in third as long as no one finds out about it.

The number three is considered lucky in China because it rhymes with their word for “alive”. “Five” rhymes with “alive” in English, so that would be the lucky number in the United States and the U. K. The upshot is, whatever number is lucky for Americans will probably cause tragedy for a Chinese person… UNLESS THAT PERSON CAN SPEAK ENGLISH.

Some reptiles, amphibians and fish have a “third eye”… and the eye, located between the other two eyes, is photo-receptive. It’s existence answers some age-old questions about circadian rhythms, the pineal gland and why people don’t buy eye-glasses for their frogs.

14 thoughts on “Some Tertiary Facts about Three

  1. Being raised Catholic, I was taught that God is a Trinity: the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Then along came Trump, who believes that God is Me, Myself, and I. Who knows who the next Almighty threesome will be (not that Trump would concede such an eventuality).

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