A Fable about Scuttlebutt

Horemheb And Anubis Wall Painting Detail Painting by Egyptian 18th Dynasty  | Fine Art America

Once, there was a polytheist village where all the graven images, fetishes and talismans were kept in one large stone building. People would worship them every day; and, after eight o’clock, they’d go home, leaving the statues to themselves.

One night, the statue of rice-goddess Harma said to the image of the dog-headed goddess of mangoes, “I hear that Balach, the god of the North Wind is spending a little too much time with Amna, the winged goddess of storms” Phydoe, the dog-headed goddess of mangoes, replied, “Oh, that’s NOTHING. I hear Ulsup, the god of fired brick, has been seen sneaking out of Amna’s sky-palace”

The statue of Amna heard all this and screamed out, “Lies! And besides”, she added, “I’ve heard Harma has been meeting Arnok, crane-headed god of the skies, on the sly”. “I heard that, too”, shouted Balach.

Who dares accuse me of infidelity?”, menaced the statue of Arnok. The image of his wife, the all-powerful Kasaah, suddenly spoke up,

So, this is what you do when my back is turned???” And, with that, she reversed all time and made every atom of matter explode at the speed of light, destroying the stone building and the entire universe.

Moral: Wherever you look, there is nothing more dangerous than idol gossip.

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