Book Excerpt, Part Three

Granny Kool Aid - Will Inspire | Shazam

I was in that place between the living and the dead. It was mostly dark but there were dimly lit pieces of my past. All my previous dogs were there. Most were glad to see me; but, Dude, our golden retriever seemed a little miffed. I could hear his thoughts. “You killed me”, his thoughts said. I replied, “I was throwing the stick out into the alley to get it out of the house. No one told you to chase it”. Dude replied, “Oh? So, you didn’t orchestrate my death? Well, I guess I’m sorry for all those times my ghost tripped you when you are trying out for the track team. But, warn a dog, next time, okay?”. My grandma was also in that dark place, smiling benignly. She offered me some Koolaid and graham crackers. I asked, “How are you, grandma?” and she said, “I’m content, despite you killing me” I got a little angry. “I was just throwing that half-sandwich out into the alley. No one expected you to jump out the window after it”

She shrugged, “Waste not, want not”…

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