Facts about Sleep? In Your Dreams

Bulldog - Wikipedia

During the early Industrial Age, one job in the town or village was to knock on windows and wake people for work in the factories. That job title was: “Guy We All Want to Kill”

English Bulldogs are the only dogs who suffer from sleep apnea; on a related note, Greyhounds are the only dogs you can dress in a negligee without them looking ridiculous.

Being awake for sixteen hours degrades performance as much as a blood alcohol level of .05… In other words, drinking in the morning is the equivalent of staying awake all day.

Babies need twelve to sixteen hours of sleep a day; so do their parents but that ain’t gonna happen…

Seventy percent of workers say that they are tired at the end of their work day which means thirty percent of workers aren’t being worked hard enough…

Adults who live near airports are twenty-three percent more likely to report insufficient sleep and a deep-seated hatred of pilots and little bags of peanuts.

About half of all nurses have been diagnosed with insomnia but they don’t lose any sleep over it.

Homicidal Somnambulism, the act of killing someone while sleepwalking, has been successfully used as a defense in a number of cases. Adulterous Somnambulism has never been successfully used as a defense to one’s spouse.

Teenagers need an hour or so more sleep than their parents because of the extra energy required to tell the parents how much they “suck”.

22 thoughts on “Facts about Sleep? In Your Dreams

      1. Are you testing me, Deb? It’s Vinnie Barbarino, Arnold Horseshack, Freddy “Boom Boom” Washington and Juan Epstein, whose claim to fame was being Puerto Rican and Jewish…

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      2. Nope, we’ve been trying to work out the names all week at work (without google for some reason) It struck me they would be a fun group to draw, but the names alluded me.

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      3. I didn’t have to use Google. If a sitcom had the actors’ names at the opening of the show, I remember them forever. Ask me about Gilligan’s Island… I DARE YOU!!!

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      4. You didn’t miss much. You know we should do a collaboration. You could write the guy part and I could write the hemp eating tap dancing leprechauns part

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    1. Some of these are going into the book I’m working on, in boxes distributed throughout the text. I’m not brave enough to go with straight prose, so I’ll play to short-attention spans…

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