Random, Queen of Thoughts

Never have more on your plate than will fit in your lap. ☼ There’s a time and a place for obsessing about vegetables; and, that time is always and that place is radishes. ☼ If you are going to say something but are not sure if it’s intolerant or mean, just replace every other word […]

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Some Bland Facts about Tofu

Tofu may reduce the risk of cancer. It might also bring you gold bars and unicorns while you sleep. Women who are going through menopause should eat tofu because the drudgery of eating it is a great thing to blame your wild moods swings upon. Freezing tofu turns it yellow. It is still good to […]

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I’m So So Sorry

I’m sorry I hypnotized your dog into thinking she was a squirrel, but at least you’ve got all the acorns you’ll ever need. I’m sorry I bought you a treadmill without asking first.  I’m also sorry about what I said about your butt, its size and what it looks like when you bend over. I’m […]

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