My Mystery, Cha Twelve

Kossov had placed the locket into the hollow tree and was hiding behind a bush to see what happened next. Not the first bush he saw… actually, the first row of bushes were taken. There were jealous husbands and jealous wives watching those husbands from other bushes. Behind two of the bushes were graduate students […]

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Why I Mailed a Dead Cat to My Senator

[Another title first, content afterwards exercise.  If you have any others, post them in the messages below] Because the live ones usually manage to scratch their way out of the box in transit. Mailing dead animals is protected speech, like picketing and throwing hand grenades. I’m angry that he won’t pass laws against cruelty to […]

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Before Sex We Should…

This one is from a Twitter tag.   Before Sex We Should… Make sure our parents aren’t siblings. Strictly define what the word “orgasm” means. Warn each other about anything grotesque about our bodies… Exchange next-of-kin information Come clean about any fetishes either of us has involving barbecue sauce or throwing knives. Be certain neither […]

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