Before Sex We Should…

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This one is from a Twitter tag.


Before Sex We Should…

Make sure our parents aren’t siblings.

Pansy - Wikipedia

Strictly define what the word “orgasm” means.

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Warn each other about anything grotesque about our bodies…

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Exchange next-of-kin information

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Come clean about any fetishes either of us has involving barbecue sauce or throwing knives.

Pansy - Wikipedia

Be certain neither of us has any STDs or at least that we have the same ones.

Pansy - Wikipedia

Learn each other’s first names.

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Determine each other’s “parent issues” and determine if the other wants to just “go with it”…

Pansy - Wikipedia

Check for recording devices.

Pansy - Wikipedia

Check each other’s bodies for swastika tattoos…

Pansy - Wikipedia

Lock the cat in the bathroom…

Pansy - Wikipedia


17 thoughts on “Before Sex We Should…

  1. Your between-paragraphs image doesn’t load for me. Odd.

    Great advice, though, particularly about the STDs. You know what they say, “Those with similar STDs are more likely to get along together.” Or, that may have been “backgrounds.” Either, or.

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