Deb’s 42 Word Paranormal Challenge

Funny Cats: Evil Cat

Another of Deb’s 42 word challenges.  This time the prompt is “paranormal”

The exorcist had eradicated every bit of evil from the cat. No more selfishness. No more stubbornness. No ungrateful hatred for its caregivers remained in the animal. And, there, in its place was… a dog.

I knew it”, remarked the priest.

15 thoughts on “Deb’s 42 Word Paranormal Challenge

  1. Good one! Sitting on zoom this morning I heard the dog and cat fighting. A minute later the big oafy dog came down for some pets because her feelings were hurt. When I went to put the laundry away, the big oafy dog sat right outside the bedroom and would only peer in. I would say the cat won that battle, yet again.

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