P. E. T.

I was going to do a list on the worst breeds of cat to own but it turned out that it was all of them. ♣ The worst dog breed is the Chow Chow, a dog so awful that you have to say its name twice. Imagine an animal with the personality of a cat […]

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Why I Wish I Were a Short Guy

I could finally rid myself of those professional basketball scouts that keep following me around begging me to play for their team. ☻ I could jump up and down with joy and without the added anxiety of worrying that I’m about to jump into the ceiling fan. ☻ Nothing else motivates me. Maybe “Short Man […]

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In Praise of Older Women

Older women are no longer looking for “Mr. Right” or “Mr. Acceptable”. They are looking for “Mr. Anybody Because My Last Egg is about to Drop”. I am that anybody! As I get older and tire more easily, older women sleep less and have more energy; because, menopause is nature’s methamphetamine… Older women like to […]

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Dr. Seuss in the Time of Covid 19

[I was talking to James in his comment section and this came up… Thanks!] The Cat in the Hat Stays Home Horton Hears a Who from a Safe Distance I Had Trouble Getting to Salla-Salloo Because They Cancelled All Unnecessary Air Travel Hop on Pop: Emergency CPR Techniques for Children The Butter/Water/Toilet Paper Battle Book […]

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