In Praise of Older Women

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Older women are no longer looking for “Mr. Right” or “Mr. Acceptable”. They are looking for “Mr. Anybody Because My Last Egg is about to Drop”. I am that anybody!

As I get older and tire more easily, older women sleep less and have more energy; because, menopause is nature’s methamphetamine…

Older women like to dance just like their younger counterparts, but there’s none of that “walking in place” shuffle-dance crap that confuses me and makes me feel like I’m moving when I’m not…

Older women have a more consistent set of ethics and morals than younger women, who are still working things out; moreover, they make better cookies.

If you go camping with an older woman and a bear shows up, all you have to do is outrun her.

Older women have a better sense of the sarcastic because of the sheer number of times that life has crapped on them. I like that in a woman.

An older girlfriend is going to have the painkillers and ointments you’ll need from time to time.

Older women will probably not get any crazier than they currently are… but, they won’t get much saner, either…

Older women don’t express a lot of drama when you break up with them because they know you can be replaced with a cat.

As a woman gets older, there are fewer members of her immediate family, which is nice because who wants to put up with THEIR nonsense?

22 thoughts on “In Praise of Older Women

      1. I was sleeping in ten minute increments but I got some tablets from the chemist and now I’m getting about 6 hours straight per night.

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      2. It sure does. I got to the point where I told my partner I would top myself if I didn’t get some sleep. Luckily the tablets helped 😊

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