The First Things I’ll Do After Covid

Alfred Eisenstaedt's Iconic Photo a V-J Day Kiss Has Been Debated for  Decades - Artsy

Kiss the first person I see, on the mouth, like that sailor from that famous photograph taken on VJ Day.


Put my pants on. Actually, I should probably do THAT BEFORE I kiss the first person I see, on the mouth, like that sailor from that famous photograph taken on VJ Day.

I will make myself a big salad from unwashed fruits and vegetables…

Go talk to that cashier I met this summer to see if she actually has a nose.

Throw away all my hydroxychloroquine and oleadrin.

I will go to the first concert in my area that isn’t Miley Cyrus or Guns n’ Roses.

I will finally get that elective surgery I’ve been wanting: To look like Judd Hirsch.

I will stop updating my will every time I cough…

I will donate my extra face-masks to local nurses and bandits.

I will go dancing and I will dance and dance and dance until I fall into someone’s table, spill their drinks and bruise my face and suddenly remember why I didn’t go dancing BEFORE Covid…

21 thoughts on “The First Things I’ll Do After Covid

  1. What to do with all these face masks – that is what I thought about. The only thing they are good for, besides the COVID thing (and in general, I bet we are all going to face fewer illnesses this year because of them), is protecting one from the embarrassment from all the food one still has stuck in their teeth. Maybe a nice face mack bonfire? Will that do the mask justice after it protected me from all this possible food stuck in teeth embarrassment? I might just keep mine under the premise “it goes with m y outfit.”

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    1. For those days you don’t feel like wearing make up or I don’t feel like shaving. Plus, if you are undecided as to whether to pay for your purchase or rob the store, you can wait until you get to the register and THEN decide!

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      1. Haha – the internal battle one must face each time they check out. One of these days I may actually go with, “I got a mask on, what the hell! I’m goin for it!”

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