I Was Disappointed…

[Who gets to enjoy my pointless random writing exercises? You do!] I was disappointed with the weather in Lubbock because I wanted to see a tornado; but, whenever there was a tornado, there was also a storm so I could never go outside and see it… ◙ I was disappointed that Gone with the Wind […]

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Secrets Mimes will Never Tell

Shields and Yarnell were mimes who performed in the seventies. They were given their own variety sketch show which was the most random act since 1945, when Salvador Dali ceded his power of attorney to a rice cooker. I saw an all-mime version of Key largo, once. It was pretty stupid but, when the hurricane […]

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Things I am Grateful For

I’m thankful that I don’t have a neck because it keeps people from inviting me to tennis matches. I’m thankful for the food I eat, the water I drink and the motel towels that I steal… I’m grateful for my children and promise to be even more grateful should one of them become a billionaire. […]

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A Deep Honest Look into Me

  I don’t officially post on the weekends, so I decided just to post something personal. Something that helps you learn the real me; because, my ego is just that big… What genre of music does Charlie listen to? Simple: Clown music. That’s right. It might be Pagliacci or the Insane Clown Posse or Alice […]

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