I Was Disappointed…

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[Who gets to enjoy my pointless random writing exercises? You do!]

I was disappointed with the weather in Lubbock because I wanted to see a tornado; but, whenever there was a tornado, there was also a storm so I could never go outside and see it…

I was disappointed that Gone with the Wind didn’t have any gale-force winds or anything else worthwhile.

I was disappointed the first time I saw a dam blown up. Frankly, it was so unimpressive I was sorry I did it.

I was disappointed in my English Lit class because I thought it meant someone was going to teach me how to set the United Kingdom on fire.

I was disappointed that they found no life on Mars because that means H. G. Wells was a LIAR.

I was disappointed the first time I ever saw a clown smoking a cigarette.

I was disappointed in myself as a father, but I realized that most of that disappointment was residual disappointment from when I was disappointed in myself as a husband.

I was disappointed in myself because of my moral failings until I realized that one of my moral failings was avoiding introspection.

I was disappointed the first time I had sex because I thought someone else would be involved.

I was disappointed the first time I read Plato. All Socrates did was ask one question after another… SO ANNOYING. I’d have KILLED HIM. And, it looks like ancient Athens felt the same way I did.

I was disappointed that my beloved alma mater’s football team lost. I could only take solace in the fact that I bet on the other team.

I was disappointed in the Grand Canyon. I thought it would have more tigers and be in India.

16 thoughts on “I Was Disappointed…

  1. Yes Socrates is annoying. He goes around asking questions claiming he doesn’t know anything and then making other people look stupid… However his arguments always hinge on the idea that people are completely consistent in everything they think or do., which is where the Socratic dialogues fail. I always admired the other Athenians restraint in not pushing him off the Acropolis, regularly.

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  2. OMG! I was disappointed when I first had sex as well…there were two people in my case…but I remember thinking…”That’s it? That’s what all the fuss is about?” I was also disappointed in myself as a father…because, truth is, no one told me the kids would grow up and eventually leave me…I thought they’d be 12 forever and I’d stay in heaven! To this day, I still cry!

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      1. In a pandemic, with few jobs, more and more kids are returning home. I’d love to have my adult children return…I’ll let you know if they do. Meanwhile, I’ll keep writing to distract myself…

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