Thoughts that Depress Me

I’m depressed because life is just a bleak emptiness with occasional intervals of bowling. ☺ In billions of years, our Sun will swell up and burn the Earth to an ash and I won’t be around to see how Donald Trump tries to make money off of it. ☺ I get depressed when I realize […]

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I Was Disappointed…

[Who gets to enjoy my pointless random writing exercises? You do!] I was disappointed with the weather in Lubbock because I wanted to see a tornado; but, whenever there was a tornado, there was also a storm so I could never go outside and see it… ◙ I was disappointed that Gone with the Wind […]

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Stuff I’m Proud of

I’m proud that I still don’t know if Wilson Philips is a man, a woman or a group of people. I’m proud that the only body modification I’ve ever had done was falling face forward into a coffee table. I’m proud that I’ve never lied during sex. I’m proud that I’ve never taken money to […]

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