Warm Thoughts about Fireplaces

A fireplace can be a wonderful addition to any home that can benefit from open fires in the living area.  The entire family can gather around, roast marshmallows, hot dogs or just throw in a few aerosol cans for an impromptu game of “hairspray chicken”. A flue allows smoke to escape up through the chimney.  […]

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This Day in History: October 8th

The Great Chicago Fire started on this day in 1871, as if just being in Chicago wasn’t disaster enough.  The fire, encouraged by dry conditions and supported financially by high winds, grew out of control in the forty minutes it took fire-fighters to arrive.  Ultimately, dozens of urban blocks were burned to the ground, which […]

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Double-plus Rand-Thoughts

At work, the LGBT people are having a gay ice-cream social.  When the guy handed me the flier, I thought to myself, “You know, if my granddaddy were alive today, he’d probably be panicking, scratching and clawing at the coffin lid until he suffocated” If everyone who ever died trying to save someone from a […]

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Fire Safety Tips

  Check your smoke detectors. If they don’t go off when you are making pancakes, they probably need new batteries. Not only should you determine the fastest way out of your house in case of a fire, you should also have an effective way back in, in case the fire follows you outside and tries to […]

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