How to Start a Fire without Matches

Oregon forest fires: Let them burn | Street Roots

Rub two sticks together. Invariably, afterwards, one of the sticks lights up a cigarette while the other wants to spoon. Use the embers from that cigarette to start a fire.

If you have car keys, use them to drive somewhere there are matches.

If you have a gun and ammunition, take a bullet apart and put the gunpowder on your kindling. Fire the gun so that the flash lights the gunpowder. Remember: Fire the gun into the ground or at whoever forgot the matches.

Bang two rocks together until somebody hands you a lighter to get you to stop.

A magnifying lens can start a fire using the Sun’s rays. Check the ground and trees for magnifying lenses. Don’t see any? Well then… you’re done for, pal…

If you have two pocket watches from before nineteen-fifty, you can hold the lenses together underwater to make a magnifying glass. Who carries two pocket watches from before nineteen-fifty? Anyone with a handlebar mustache riding one of those bicycles with one giant wheel in front.

Flint and steel will easily start a fire. You can usually find flint and steel in your backpack next to the pocket watches and matches.

Put an aluminum-foil hat on the tallest member of your party and then wait for lightning.

A five-volt battery and some steel wool can create the sparks necessary to start a fire. You don’t have a five-volt battery and some steel wool? Well, what a disappointment you turned out to be…

Scan the mountaintops for any phoenixes that seem like they are about to self-immolate.

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